With the current COVID-19 challenges, we at Bree Architects have taken some time to reflect on how our mindset can help our project partners in navigating the way ahead.  

As such we have focused on the following questions to gain clarity in what we value.

What do we choose to focus on? 

  • We choose to focus on the health and well being of our families and communities.
  • We choose to focus on the support and structure we can offer. 
  • We choose to focus on the opportunities that await us.

What do we make things mean for us?

  • Challenge means resilience
  • Slow-down means reflection
  • Uncertainty means opportunity

What will we do in spite of the fear and challenges?

  • Focus on what really matters
  • Say 'how can we help?'
  • Keep your dream alive...

In the coming months Bree Architects is focusing on working with our clients, consultants and contractors to deliver a positive outlook post COVID-19.  We are fortunate that a considered the design response and process also needs time to develop.  Our office is currently practicing social distancing however we are available to assist via video, email and phone communications.  

Best wishes
Johanne & Joost 

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